Meat Pochero Recipe

Meat Pochero is a Filipino Stew like that of “Nilaga” (generally known as bubbled hamburger). This dish is commended by the pleasantness of the “Saba” (Cavendish banana) and a one of a kind harsh mix is gotten by the pureed tomatoes. An exceptionally tempting dish that merits hankering for, Meat Pochero draws out the brilliant taste of our Spanish impact.

Meat Pochero is a Filipino Stew like that of “Hamburger Nilaga”. This dish is praised by the pleasantness of the saba banana, and an exceptional sharp mix is gotten by the pureed tomatoes. An extremely captivating dish that merits hankering for; meat pochero draws out the magnificent taste of our Spanish impact.

meat pochero

This Meat Pochero is direct. You should simply have all the fixing available and follow the recipe bit by bit. Note that beside the pureed tomatoes and banana, the chorizo de Bilbao and chick peas are decide the result of this dish. It is suggested that you have these fixings accessible. However, chinese connection wieners can be utilized as a substitution for chorizo.

I appreciate eating pochero as a result of its decent taste. It is best eaten warm alongside white rice. Once in a while, I add a little fish sauce plunge to add a little pungency to it.

Attempt this Hamburger Pochero recipe and let me in on your thought process.

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Heat oil in the pot and broil the banana until variety becomes brilliant brown. When done, put the bananas away
Put in the chorizo in similar pot and sear for around 3 to 5 minutes then, at that point, put away
Sauté the garlic, onion, and tomato
Add the meat and cook for 5 minutes
Add the fish sauce, pureed tomatoes, and entire pepper corn and blend well
Add the water and stew until meat is delicate (around 35 minutes in pressure cooker)
Put-in the seared chorizo, broiled banana, potato, and garbanzos and stew for 7 minutes
Add the cabbage, long green beans and stew for 5 minutes
Add the bok choy and switch off the intensity. Cover the pot for 5 minutes to cook the bok choy
Serve hot. Share and Appreciate!
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